Plant trees as you browse the web with this eco search engine

People spend their lives on the internet, and Google is said to process around 3.5 billion searches on any given day (or 1.2 trillion searches per year). One Berlin-based nonprofit wants to turn this incessant searching into something substantial and use your ceaseless clicks to save our forests.

maxresdefault-1Ecosia is a unique search engine which uses its advertising revenue to plant trees across the world – bringing essential water, plants, and animals back to drought-ridden areas. The idea is simple. You search the web using the add-on, advertisements generate money and then at least 80% of this income will go towards planting trees.

So far Ecosia has raised enough money to help plant over six million trees around the world, as well as donating millions to forestry programs across Europe and Africa

maxresdefaultTrees are able to restart the water cycle in areas where the desert has taken over. This then attracts other vegetation which helps to filter the air and reduce the spread of disease. It also means more jobs and healthier livestock – not to mention the environmental impact.

Ecosia aims to plant one billion trees by 2020, and their work has already helped turn the Sahel desert back into a forest. But while there are about three trillion trees on the Earth, research shows that we are losing about 10 billion a year – which means a lot more work is to be done.

Source: Knobini


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