Anonymous man walks into a school and pays off all overdue lunch balances

A « Secret Santa » in Pennsylvania has brought relief to many struggling families.

H.W. Good Elementary principal Amy Larcinese doesn’t know who the man is, but he walked into her school and paid off the outstanding lunch bills of more than 40 students.

man pays off school lunches for all kids

Nearly half the kids at H.W. Good Elementary are from financially struggling families who qualify for free and reduced school lunches.

Students who don’t quality for free lunches have accounts where parents put in money every month. But sometimes – especially around this time of the year when household expenses rise – some of those accounts go into the red.

On Wednesday, a man came in through the school doors and wrote a check for $864 to wipe off all those overdue amounts. He then offered to provide funds to cover one child’s lunch for the rest of the school year.

« This time of year can be a financial burden, » Janet Sardon, superintendent of the Yough School District, told CNN. « His intent was to relieve that burden a little bit. »

The school is drafting letters to send as a surprise to the students’ families. The letters won’t reveal who paid the tabs.

But school officials are grateful for the Secret Santa.

Source: Sunnyskyz


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