Solar panels could be huge part of the Buckingham Palace renovation

Earlier in the month the Government announced plans to renovate Buckingham Palace.

The 10-year overhaul will cost an estimated £369 million, that will be used on essential works to replace heating systems, water pipes and electrical wiring which were installed following World War II.

And these same proposals are now also said to include numerous solar panels – in an attempt to make the least efficient home in the UK a little greener.

And the Queen will pay for it all (Photograph: John Stillwell)

The renovation plans were published by the Crown in a report called the Buckingham Palace Reservicing Program.

Hidden within the finer details of this same report are statements which outline a clear interest in renewable tech and a sustainable means of generating power.

In a section titled ‘Energy Efficiency’, its authors point to the prospect of finding “various ways to provide the Palace with electricity from alternative sources to supplement the present mains power.”

The report presents two potential options for the transition: solar panels or an anaerobic digestion unit, which turns food and animal waste in biogas (used to generate heat and electricity).

Solar panels could provide the Palace with around five percent of its electricity needs in the beginning, and could rise to as much as 10% over time, Clean Technica reports.

Since the renovation was announced on November 18 people have been up in arms about taxpayers’ money being used to rebuild the most prestigious building in Britain.


One petition calling for the Royal Family to pay for the renovations themselves has reached more than 140,000 signatures.

But according to a number of sources now the Queen and co were already paying for it all.

The Treasury has received £2.4 billion in profit on assets owned by the Crown since 2007, more than six times the £369 million estimated cost the Buckingham Palace revamp, Full Fact write.

The Crown Estate is land and business assets owned by the British monarchy, worth £12.9 billion.

The Queen receives around 15% of this in a Sovereign Grant to spend on official duties, staff salaries and general upkeep (and then the Government gets the rest).

This means the Queen has paid 85% tax on her businesses for years now, but this amount will move to 75% to allow access to funds for the renovation.

And this extra 10% will not be in vain. Millions of tourists flock the Palace each year, which is said to give a multi-billion-pound boost to the British economy.

The Changing of the Guard is a mammoth tourist attraction (Photograph: Hernán Piñera via Flickr)

Source: Konbini


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