Spain aims for 100% renewable energy

Spain is aiming to provide 100% of its energy needs using only renewable sources, and experts in the country believe it is an achievable target.

The European Union has set a target for the country to reach 20% of all power sourced through renewable means by 2020.

The current average per day stands at 17.4%, according to ABC News, enough to power 29 million homes across the region.


                     Credit photo: CHARLIE DEAN VIA GETTY IMAGES


Miguel Ezepeleta, director of Spanish wind farm firm Acciona, told ABC News: “It’s incredible. Some years ago, people would say we would be crazy saying these kind of things, but today it’s a real situation.”

Spain isn’t the only European country striving for renewable energy records. Back in May, Germany had to pay customers to use an ‘excess’ of renewably sourced energy.

Source: Huffingtonpost



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