The UK declares war on obesity, asks restaurants to reduce size of desserts

Restaurants that do not reduce the size of their desserts will be “named and shamed”. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is on a crusade against the alarming obesity crisis facing our country.

This isn’t the first time the UK takes measures against the health scourge, already imposing many regulations to industrialists. This time, the government attacks restaurant chains, especially their cakes, puddings and porridge.


In the land of tea time,  sugar rules. And you can feel it around you: 62% of British adults are overweight or obese. A third of children finish primary school with weight related issues since most of them eat corner shop sandwiches as they walk back to class. Following in other countries footsteps, a couple of months ago the government introduced a new tax on sugar, to reduce the quantities of sugar in industrial food by 20%.

Last week, during the gathering of a 100 restaurant chains, the Secretary of State for Health encouraged Starbucks and McDonald’s — and the rest — to reduce the size of their desserts, in addition to introduce healthier alternatives with less sugar and fat. Each company’s initiatives will be recorded and publicly compared. If they fail to follow these rules they will be “named and shamed”affirms Jeremy Hunt.

“This means we expect the whole of the out-of-home sector – coffee shops, pubs and family restaurants, quick service restaurants, takeaways, cafes, contract caterers and mass catering suppliers – to step up and deliver on sugar reduction. This will not help the overall industry to help us all make healthier choices.”

Source: Konbini


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