France bans all plastic cups, plates and cutlery to save the environment.

Credit photo: Konbini

France has just passed a controversial ban on single-use cups, plates, knives and forks.

The law is expected to go into effect in 2020. It bans all disposable picnic favorites and allows them to be made from biologically-sourced materials than can be recycled.

This plastic ban forms part of a nationwide drive to reduce plastic production and cut down on the amount of pollution caused by waste. The law was proposed by a green political party in France known as the EELV.

The legislation falls under the Energy Transition for Green Growth initiative, which aims to position France at the forefront of an environmental revolution (in terms of its contribution to tackling climate change).

Earlier in the year, supermarkets in France were urged to stop giving out plastic bags.

Each year an estimated 4.73 billion plastic cups are thrown out in France alone – only one percent of which are recycled.

The French Environment Ministry has not yet responded to the comments, and the ban appears to be going ahead. France has made commitments to cut the waste it sends to landfills in half by 2025.

Source: Konbini


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