Blood Donors Will Now Receive A Text When They Save Someone’s Life


Credit photo: Emma Innocenti via Getty Images

Blood donors in the UK will now receive a text message when their blood is used in hospital to save or improve a person’s life.

The National Health Service hopes that the scheme will encourage new donors to give blood and will prompt existing donors to donate on a regular basis.

The news has been released to coincide with World Blood Donor Day, which highlights the importance of blood donation across the globe.

The new scheme is already a huge success in Sweden, where people receive an appreciative text every time they donate and another when their blood is used to help someone in need.

“This method does just that! These text messages help donors feel more connected to the people they are helping. Wouldn’t you want to donate again if you knew you were saving lives?”

The UK is particularly low on donations from young people and those from South Asian and black communities, according to the National Health Service.

Source: Huffingtonpost


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