The Discreet Anti-authoritarianism of Leche Libre’s Edgy Breastfeeding Wear

Frustrated by the lack of alternative options for stylish breastfeeding mothers after the birth of her own children, Chicago-based former art restorer Andrea Newberry took to the Internet, taught herself to sew, and started her own line of edgy wear for the punk rock mom. Leche Libre is a Mad Max version of post-maternity wear, and cool enough that even non-breastfeeding women are drawn to her unique designs. Sezin Koehler had the chance to chat with Newberry over email about her journey from post-partum to fashion designer, and then some.


What was your thought process in starting your line of clothing? asked Sezin

Andrea Newberry:

 After the birth of my first kid I had a really hard time finding clothing to easily breastfeed, and the ones that were made me feel frumpy and completely like a different person. My personal style is edgy, punk, and urban but the clothes that were available were super delicate, flowy and soft looking. I wasn’t sure who I was anymore as a new mom and I couldn’t even wear clothing which made me feel like me […]

After the birth of my second child, I knew there had to be a better way. I was just learning to sew at the time, so I started making a few things for myself with breastfeeding access, and whenever I would wear them out I got so many compliments about the design.[…] I knew I was on the right track and should keep going. I spent the next couple of years teaching myself sewing, fashion design, and fashion business to be able to launch Leche Libre in December of 2014.

Photo by Christopher Dilts
Photo by Christopher Dilts

Source: Huffingtonpost


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