Australia has a new high-speed rail plan and it would cost taxpayers nothing


Consolidated Land and Rail Australia (CLARA) Pty Ltd, is proposing a high-speed train that will connect Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. It’s expected to come with a $200 billion price tag, but, the company claims it won’t cost taxpayers a cent.

Private company Consolidated Land and Rail Australia (CLARA) Pty Ltd released a video for people to visualize its plan to “re-balance the Australian settlement”, build “new, regionally compact, sustainable smart cities, and to connect them by the world’s most advanced high speed rail.” It even showed some footage that suggests trains will be travelling at speeds of up to 430km/h, speeds that just fast enough to put it in competition with Japan’s invisible train.

The project will get its funding from profits made from the transformation of existing farming land into new developments that would benefit from the new infrastructure and increase in value.

The company’s chairman Nick Cleary says the profit margin to developers to fund the high speed rail system would mostly fund the project, estimating land bought for $1000 a lot could be sold for up to $150,000 once housing and civil infrastructure is built.

Consolidated Land and Rail Australia says if it receives support from three levels of government, construction could begin within five years. Phase one of the development will involve a $13 billion high speed rail into northern Victoria and the development of two new partner cities in the region over 30 years.

Source: Futurism


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