Self-healing, muscle-like material revolutionizes prosthetics

Artificial hand

An international team of scientists has created a super-stretchy, never-before-seen material that could revolutionize how prosthetics and even robots are made.

The material can stretch to 100 times its original length and is capable of self-healing when punctured, according to a study published in the journal Nature Chemistry.

The material is made of a network of elastic polymers — a stretchable plastic-like substance — crosslinked together. The researchers not only tested its stretchiness but also jolted it with an electrical field and found that it responds with a muscle-like twitch or pulse.

The researchers found the material can also self-repair any gaps or punctures at temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius since it bonds to itself.

Now, researchers think that in the future, the material could possibly be linked to the neurons and driven by human neuron signals.

Source: The Huffington Post Canada


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