Telemedicine is allowing female doctors in Pakistan to return to work


It’s not unusual for women in Pakistan to become doctors. It is unusual for them to practice after getting married and having kids. Only 14% of qualified female doctors end up working full-time, official figures show.

That’s a serious problem in a country with a severe lack of medical staff, but now a telemedicine startup is trying to make use of the lost talent. DoctHERS connects stay-at-home doctors with purpose-built clinics in underserved areas.

So far, DoctHERS has built eight clinics. They have a simple setup: two rooms, basic medical equipment, a small pharmacy, and a laptop. Patients walk in, a nurse performs an examination, and enters information on the laptop. Then, a doctor appears on the screen to offer a consultation.

Of course, in the long term, Pakistan still needs women to became full-time doctors. But, before that happens, it will need to spend on child care and change its attitude towards married women in the workplace.

Source: Fast Coexist


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