India may soon get treatment for Hepatitis C


A latest breakthrough treatment for the deadly Hepatitis C virus could soon be available in India as 11 Indian firms have been given licenses by its American manufacturer following an approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This pan-genotypic treatment does not require gene-type testing, eliminating the need for costly gene–type diagnostics, allowing doctors and specialists to prescribe the medicine to anyone who tests positive for Hepatitis C, by taking one pill a day for 8-12 weeks they are cured.

The drug called Epclusa is developed by Gilead Sciences. As part of its effort to make it an affordable treatment, Gilead Sciences, together with its 11 partners in India, are pioneering a Voluntary Licensing model that transfers technology and Intellectual Property for latest treatments and cures for viral Hepatitis and HIV.

The deadly Hepatitis C virus afflicts as many as 150 million people worldwide and possibly 12 million in India.

Source: The Hindu


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