Glow-in-the-dark cement could soon light up a city near you

StarryNightResearchers from the Michoacan University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo in Mexico have designed a new type of phosphorescent cement – one that could be used to illuminate pathways or buildings without using electricity.

The team took the raw materials used in cement, and with the addition of certain additives, modified the optical properties of the cement to make it phosphorescent.

Phosphorescent materials work by absorbing energy from radiation, and later, they emit it as light, which can be seen once it gets dark. The team asserts that the cement will be able to absorb enough energy to remain illuminated for up to 12 hours, even when the day is cloudy.

However, they note that its stability should be further studied and that they also need to investigate how to repair it when it’s damaged.

Source: Science Alert


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