The Go Sun Solar Stove heats to 550 degrees in minutes; no electricity required




Inventor Patrick Sherwin was inspired by the evacuated tube hot water heater and decided to adapt it to cooking. It is really a whole new approach to cooking.




The GoSun stove can cook a variety of tasty and healthy in just 20 minutes, with no need for fuel. The current version of the stove also contains a sun-charged lithium battery that kicks on when there is no sun, allowing you to cook anytime, anywhere.




This version is set to ship in June 2016 and can be pre-ordered now on GoSun’s Home Page. It is listed at under $300 on their site and Amazon.

The GoSun is a healthier alternative to cooking with charcoal, and much more environmentally friendly than gas.  The new solar battery is full of a phase-changing organic wax material; Stick it in the GoSun for two hours and it will « autonomously cook a meal for eight people. For example, this could be four pounds of chicken or four loaves of bread. »




Source: Beta Minds



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