Nigerian babies saved thanks to hospital’s free pneumonia treatment


Fanna is a young Nigerien mother of 20-month-old twins, Dawami and Daguira. She lives on less than two dollars a day in one of the poorest regions in one of the poorest countries in the world. She could not afford to buy medicine for the twins when they came down with pneumonia, a dangerous disease when left untreated. Fanna then heard that the Kirker Hospital in the town of Maine-Soroa, 50 miles from her home, had just received a shipment of medications they were providing for free, thanks to International Relief Teams. She made the long trip with her twins just in time to save them.

The most recent medical shipment, arriving in Maine-Soroa in late April 2016, contained $15 million in medicinesand supplies, including $12 million of a critical antibiotic called Doxycycline, critical for the treatment of many infections and often the difference between life and death.

These medications, once dispersed throughout the area, will support the medical needs of the 700,000 residents plus the 200,000 refugees living in the area.

The new MAP [and IRT] medicines will be key to the medical treatment and survival of both the citizens of southeastern Niger and the Nigerian refugees.

Source: GoodNews Network


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